Who are the members of the Sirius Legal Media Team

Bart Van den Brande is a member of the Dutch  speaking Brussels Bar Association since 2001 and a partner at Brussels based law firm Sirius Legal (www.siriuslegal.be).

Bart has worked at several important Brussels law firms and has build an extensive expertise in media law, advertisement law, market practices and consumer protection, intellectual property, internet, privacy and data protection, information technology, software development and gambling law.

Parrallel to his law practice, Bart is a part time teaching assistant at Brussels University VUB since 2005.  He teaches a course in drafting techniques for business contracts.  He is the author of several articles and is an experienced speaker  in seminars and trainings.

When Bart is away from the office, he likes to practice sports.  He’s an experienced skier and cyclist, participates in triathons and regularely runs half marathons.

Stefanie Vyncke is a member of the Brussels Bar Association since 2007.
Before joining the Sirius Legal team in February 2011 as their first associate, Stefanie enjoyed her education at two prominent law firms in Brussels and Leuven.
During the years, Stefanie built an in-depth knowledge and experience in distribution law (commercial agency, concession/exclusive distribution, franchising, etc.), commercial practices, consumer law, e-commerce, the editing and negotiating of all types of contracts and litigation in corporate law. Not only she advises clients in these fields of practice, she also assures the assistance of clients in all kinds of proceedings before all courts.
Stefanie works in Dutch, French, English and has strong notions of German.
In 2010, Stefanie followed a training at the Brussels Business Mediation Center to become a mediator. Currently, she is a recognized mediator in civil and commercial law at the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission and the BBMC. Stefanie believes in a pragmatic and hands-on approach and therefore she considers mediation as a powerful tool for dispute resolution, since it is not only more time efficient and less expensive than ordinary proceedings, it also permits the parties to direct and control the settlement of their dispute at all times.

Emilie Willems graduated magna cum laude in 2010 from the Université Catholique de Louvain UCL, specialising in European law and contract law.

She spent a term at Aberystwyth University in Wales and spent a period as a paralegal at a renowned law firm in Leuven, which has alowed her to master thre languages and assist our clients in French, Dutch and English.

Emilie assists the Sirius Legal partners in various fields of law and is a valued member of the Sirius Legal Media Team.

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